The LaLones, Laceys, Sanchez and Lalondes to California

This section celebrates the families of Theophilus "Tiofilo" Lalone/Lalonde and Estanislada "Lada" Padilla: Beckie and Dave Tinnon, Fred and Margarite LaLone, Carrie and Julian Leal, Addie and Joe Sanchez and Louie and Elvira Lalonde.

Except for Beckie's family they all moved to Southern California in the 1920s; settling mostly in or around Sierra Madre, in the foothills near Los Angeles. Carrie Leal's entry gives a good overview of this.

    Tioflio and Lada Lalone

    LaLone-Lalonde Family Chart

    Beckie Tinnon Family

    Fannie Lacey Family

    Lucille Lacey Waite DNA

    Fred LaLone Family

    LaLone Trip Diary 1924

    Sierra Madre Search and Rescue

    Carrie Leal Family

    Addie Sanchez Family

    Louie Lalonde Family

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