Carrie LaLone and Julián Leal        


Carloina was born November 8, 1881 on her father’s ranch in Nogal, Lincoln County, NM. Some years later the family moved to White Oaks, Lincoln County.


Julian Leal was born in Lincoln in February 1872, to Manuel Leal and Refugia Ortiz. Refugia later married Guillermo Uderos and was the mother of Carrie’s brother, Louis Lalonde’s wife, Elvira Udreos.                       


They were married on March 20, 1897 in White Oaks. The padrinos were, Feliz Guebara and Carmelita Torres.


Julian Worked in the mines in White Oaks and later, in copper mines in another part of New Mexico, when they moved to California he worked in the orange groves.


The original of picture in the file of them has a note on the back – she has red hair and blue eyes.


Although Carrie and Julian Leal had no children, they had a profound impact on the family. Their move to Sierra Madre, CA in 1921; would bring Carrie’s two brothers, and sister Fannie and sister Addie’s family to the area. The Louis LaLondes and Joe Sanchez family in 1923, the Fred LaLones in 1924 and the Doc Laceys in 1928. Of 33 nieces and nephews who survived infancy, 26 would eventually move to the community or nearby areas.


Julian died in 1938 and Carrie died in 1944, they are buried in the Sierra Madre Cemetery.



Nieces & Nephews who lived in or around Sierra Madre:


Fannie’s Children:


Marg Fredericks

Flo Kearney

Alma Spargur

Birda Lacey

Frances Dawson

June Eastwood

Herbie Lacey

Lucile Lacey Waite married and stayed in San Diego, County, CA


Fred’s Children:


Josephine VanWickle

Albert LaLone

Julian LaLone

Fred LaLone, Jr.

Margarite Domschke

Robert LaLone

Edward LaLone

Alice McCarron

Frances Finley

Richard LaLone

Earl La Lone


Addie’s Children:


        Sophie Miller

        Tressa Sanchez

Mary Kenny

Adie Sanchez



Louis’ Children:


Addie Martines

Bertha LaLonde

Louis LaLonde

Marjorie Stoner



The six children of sister Beckie were raised in El Paso, TX:


Irene Van Schoyck

Myrtle Balling

Carmie Tinnon

Kitty Black

Bryan Tinnon

Bell Arnett