Lalones Diary                                      


New Mexico---California 1924



OCT. 1 (Wed.)    On the first of Oct. about 11 o'clock, we left Carrizozo, New Mexico for California.  At 6 o'clock we came to Carthage, New Mexico, but decided to make San Antonio, New Mexico where we arrived at 7:30 and spent the night.

                                      (And All Were Well)


OCT. 2 (Thu.)     Left San Antonio at 9 o'clock in the morning and arrived in Hot Springs about 5 o'clock that evening.  We camped for the night a bit dusty due to rough roads.

                                              (All Well)


OCT. 3 (Fri.)       We spent all day in Hot Springs.  We drove out to view the great Elephant Butte Dam.  We enjoyed the sight very much.  We then returned to our rooms to rest.

                                       (We Were All Well)


OCT. 4 (Sat.)      Left Hot Springs about 8 o'clock.  The little towns we passed which were interesting were: Las Palomas, Hatch and Nutt.  The roads from Hatch to Nutt were very rough but from Nutt to Lake Valley were very good.  We spent the Night at Lake Valley.

                                        (We Were All In)


OCT. 5 (Sun.)     About 9 o'clock in the morning we left Lake Valley for Deming arriving there about 11 o'clock.  We decided to rent us some rooms and stay there for the remainder of the day.

                                        (All Rested Well)


OCT. 6 (Mon.)     We left Deming about 9:15 Monday morning for Lordsburg, New Mexico, arriving there about 3 o'clock in the afternoon.  We went to the Camp Grounds and got us a nice little room and rested for the rest of the day and night.  The roads were very bad for some number of miles but the rest were very good.

                                       (We Were All Glad)



OCT. 7 (Tue.)     We started from Lordsburg, New Mexico to Dragoon, Arizona about 8:15, arriving there about 6:00 in the afternoon.  The little towns which we passed were: Steins, San Simon, Bowie, Wilcox, Cachise, and San Simon.  The roads from Lordsburg to San Simon were awful sandy and cut up until we got to Bowie, from there to Dragoon they were very good.  We stayed in a camp ground for the night.

                                      (We Were All Dusty)


OCT. 8 (Wed.)    Left Dragoon about 10 o'clock the next morning.  Our trouble from Dragoon to Benson caused us to stop for repairs.  Roads were fairly good.

                                       (Not Tired Tonight)


OCT. 9 (Thu.)     Left Benson about 8 o'clock Thursday morning, arriving at Tucson about 11:30.  Radiator trouble.  Had to lay over at Tucson for repairs.  Roads very good.  Weather very hot.

                                       (We Were All Hot)


OCT. 10 (Fri)      Left Tucson about 7 o'clock Friday morning.  Before leaving we saw the air ship "THE SHANNDOAH".  We went as far as Gila Bend.  The roads between these places were pretty rough, and a spot which was dusty.  The front spring to one of our trucks snapped, but was repaired in a jiffy.

                               (We Were All Good and Tired)


OCT. 11 (Sat)     Left Gila Bend Saturday morning at 12 o'clock on our way to Wellton, arriving there at 5:30.  The roads were some what rough.  We had a pretty good day.  We camped out of doors for the first time on our trip, was enjoyed very much.  We met other campers who were very interesting.

                                       (We All Felt Good)


OCT. 12 (Sun)     Left Welton at 7 o'clock for El Centro arriving there at 5:30 in the evening.  The roads were very bad, we had about 24 miles of rough Detour, then the roads were pretty good.  We later had about 5 miles of plank roads through the desert which was very bad and roads continued to get worse.  The day was not as hot as we expected, which was a God send.

                                    (But We Were All Tired)


OCT. 13 (Mon)    We left El Centro Monday morning about 10 o'clock.  We had about 3 miles of dirt road, we then struck pavement for the rest of the way to a service station where we stayed for the night in a camp ground.  We had a very good day.

                                   (We All Felt Pretty Good)


OCT. 14 (Tue)     Left a service station where we rested Monday night, which is about 15 miles from Banning, Calif., and arrived at River Side at 1 o'clock.  We had a very good day.  We saw more pretty places to-day than we had seen on all our trip so far.

                                      (We Were All Happy)


OCT. 15 (Wed) We left River Side about 9 o'clock Wednesday morning on our way for Sierra Madre where we arrived about 1:30.  Finding every body well and happy.  Our destination was reached.

                                   (We Were All Full Of Joy)



                            Those Who Made the Trip Were:


                                        Fred Lalone (Dad)

                                  Margarite Lalone (Mother)

                                        Josephine Lalone

                                           Albert Lalone

                                           Julian Lalone

                                          Freddie Lalone

                                         Margarite Lalone

                                           Robert Lalone

                                          Edward Lalone

                                            Alice Lalone

                                          Frances Lalone

                                          Richard Lalone






                The above is transcribed from a copy of the original.