Lucille Waite DNA


In 2006 Cousin Dan Waite had his grandmotherís DNA tested.


An e-mail from Dan:


Just wanted to let you know the preliminary results from the Autosomal DNA test.


Lucille tested as 80% European, 14% African, 4% Native-American, and 2% Asian (with a small margin of error). You know more about what this means than I do, but I guess this means that Peter Whiteís wife was 100% African, or if she was part African, then someone else in the family was also part African. As for the Asian, since the Native-American A Halogroup is out of all the Native-American groups closest to the Asian genetic types, I think that the 2% Asian is just the Native-American. This could mean that Maria Manuela Mirabal was 100% Native-American (likely Apache), or Iím guessing itís more likely there is Native-American in several of Estanisladaís family branches.


What do you think? Dan



Below is a chart that I created to give a visual idea of the background and some thoughts on the possibilities.


There was a large Pueblo Indian population in New Mexico when the Spanish came. In a large part they were assimilated into the population, also the colonial New Mexicans took a lot of women and children captive on during their fights with the Indians. Apache, Navaho, Ute and Comanche are some of the backgrounds we might also find.


The only part that I canít figure out is the African component, Margaret White is definitely only part African. Her mother, Mahala, was also definitely a mulatto. Iíve studied the Laceys and think there is little chance of it coming from that source, unless some came through Ruth McDonald. Of course there is a strong African background in Spain, going back to their occupation by the Moors. Another possibility is there were some Spanish settlers/soldiers that were definitely of African stock.


Anyhow itís something to think about! Ed.



Organization Chart



Lucero, may be some Indian, Julianitaís parents were listed as don and doŮa so may be not.


Padilla, probably some Indian.


Mary (unk), French (maybe Indian somewhere)


Lalonde, French (maybe Indian somewhere)


McCulloch, Her children are listed as mulattos in the 1850 Census.*


White, From Virgina, probably English but may have African blood.


McDonald, Scottish and English, maybe African blood.


Lacey, English, maybe Welsh, Scots-Irish and who knows what else, but probably not African.


*The photos of Margaret White look very EuropeanÖ ?