Beckie Lalone and Dave Tinnon


Rebeca was born, March 18, 1871 when her parents lived in either Missouri Plaza or on the lower Bonito. The family shortly moved to Magado Creek in the Salado Flats area of Lincoln County.


Beckie married Dave Tinnon.


Dave was born, February 4, 1856 in Tennessee. In Lincoln County he was a gold miner, he was foreman at the Old Abe Mine in White Oaks. I read somewhere, and can’t find it now; Dave was taking a shipment of gold to the railroad at San Antonio, NM. On the way he was robbed and severely beaten, this led to his early death, January 1, 1901.


Beckie and children eventually moved to El Paso where she died on May 26, 1934. 


Beckie’s children, three generations:


Infant child 1889


Irene Tinnon VanSchoyck              1889/19?? 

m. Clayton VanSchoyck in White Oaks   

        Ira VanSchoyck

                Robert VanSchoyck

        Marie VanSchoyck Himmel

                James Himmel Jr.

                Joan Himmel

        Evelyn VanSchoyck

                Gloria VanSchoyck Stalker


Myrtle Tinnon Bolling           1892/19??

m. William Bolling


Carmie Tinnon                    1894/19??


Bryan Tinnon                              1896/1932


Kittie Tinnon Black                      1897/1969


Belle Tinnon Arnett                      1900/1966

m. Almond Arnett in 1923

        Almond ‘Sonny’ Arnett Jr.


Note: Kittie, Carmie and Belle remained best friends, through the years, with Marge and Birda Lacey.