Descendants of Tioflio and Lada Lalonde

The LaLone, LaLonde, Lacey Clan  - four generations

This is just a list, it’s not meant to be a comprehensive genealogy. I created it to help out at a glance.... a large glance, to understand who is related to who. Some information and people are missing; I would happily add or correct what ever you would like. Richard Eastwood. ed.           


Beckie (Rebecca) LaLone Tinnon         1871 / 1934


        Irene Tinnon VanSchoyck             1889/19?? 

                Ira VanSchoyck

                        Robert VanSchoyck

                Marie VanSchoyck Himmel

                        James Himmel Jr.

                        Joan Himmel

                Evelyn VanSchoyck

                Gloria VanSchoyck Stalker


        Myrtle Tinnon Bolling            1892/19??                 

                William Bolling


          Carmie Tinnon                       1894/19??


          Bryan Tinnon                                  1896/19??


        Kittie Tinnon Black                          1897/1969


        Belle Tinnon Arnett                        1900/1966

                Almond ‘Sonny’ Arnett Jr.


Fannie (Epifina) LaLone Lacey    1876 / 1978


        Margie Lacey Fredericks      1899 / 1997


        Flo Lacey Kerny 1900 / 1985

                  Wanda’ Cole Stevens

                        Marcie Stevens Odom

                        Cynthia Stevens Ottensmeyer

                        Eric Stevens

                        Ian Stevens       

                Jimmy Cole

                        Kathy Cole Morgan

                        Karen Cole

                        Mike Cole  


        Alma Lacey Spargur   1903 / 1970

                Billy Spargur

                        Lisa Spargur

                        Roderick Spargur

                        Laura Spargur

                        Amy Spargur

                        Dillon Spargur


        Birda Lacey        1904 / 2004


        Lucille “Cille” Lacey Waite   1909 / 2007                       

                Jan Waite Bittner

                        Groff Bittner

                        Melanie Bittner Webster

                        Martin Bittner

                        Robb Bittner

                        Malia Bittner Winston

                Diane Waite Unfried

                        Shelley Unfried Madson

                        Scott Unfried

                Curt Waite

                        Dan Waite

                        Carin Waite

                        Christopher Waite

                        Josh Waite

        Frannie Lacey Dawson        1912 / 1983       

                Carolyn Dawson Stillman

                        Colin Watson

                        Wendy Watson Topalian


        June Lacey Eastwood          1916 / 1972

                Richard Eastwood

                        Kym Eastwood

                        Vicki Eastwood Blackwell

                        Anne Eastwood Ritter

                Sharon Eastwood Moore       1945 /1990

                        Nick Petlewski

                Jean Eastwood Burns

                        Bruce Fox

                        Stephanie Burns Cox

                        Beckie Burns

                Pete Eastwood

                        Jeff Eastwood 

                David Eastwood

                        Arron Eastwood 


        Herb Lacey         1918 / 1992

                Cheryl Lacey Willey

                        Patrick Willey

                Janet Lacey Jacques

                        Philip Jacques

                        Stephen Jacques

                Dawn Lacey Fiori

                        Tim Fiori

                        Sandy Fiori


Fred (Fredrico) LaLone              1878 / 1958


        Josephine LaLone VanWickle       1905 / 1974

                Frank VanWickle

                        Patti VanWickle Scoobe

                        Sharry VanWickle Reynolds

                        Pam VanWickle VanOostendorp

                        Cynthia VanWickle

                        Shelby VanWickle

                Fred VanWickle

                        Sarah VanWickle

                        Mathew VanWickle      1968/19??


        Julian LaLone               1907 / ?

                Ernie Smith

                Darrel LaLone

                Anoula LaLone McCoy

                        John McCoy Jr.

                        Christo McCoy


        Fred LaLone Jr.

                    Ron LaLone

                        Randy LaLone

                        David LaLone

                        Lisa LaLone

                        Sean Bostwick

                        Shannon Bostwick

                 Pricilla LaLone Fuller

                        Gretal Sinkola

                        Cheyenne Sinkola

                Mike LaLone


        Margarite LaLone Domschke        1912 / 1961

                Susanne Domchke Cavaness

                        Darcy Cavaness


        Robert LaLone   1913 / 2005

                Polly LaLone Gruber

                        Kelly Gruber Landberg

                        Brady Gruber

                        Garet Gruber

                Joel LaLone                1945/19??

                        Danielle LaLone

                        Nicolle LaLone

                Bridget LaLone Goldsmith

                        Josh Goldsmith

                        Justine Goldsmith

                        Grant Goldsmith


        Edward LaLone 1915 / 19??

                Georgine LaLone

                Edward LaLone Jr.

                        Whitney LaLone

                        Edward LaLone Jr.

                        Triston LaLone


        Alice LaLone McCarron

                   Lynda McCarron Dooley

                        Brendon Dooley

                        Megan Dooley

                        Carita Dooley

                   Tim McCarron     1944/19??

                Christine McCarron Lombardy

                        Camille Lombardy

                        Casey Lombardy

                        Evan Lombardy


          Frances LaLone Finley

                   Jeff Finley

                        Colin Finley

                        Jennifer Finley

                        Julia Finley Mitchell

                Rosalind Finley Hage


          Earl LaLone      

                Marsha LaLone Ingrao

                        Heather Ingrao

                        Travis Ingrao

                Christopher LaLone

                        Melissa LaLone

                        Philip LaLone



Addie (Adelaida) LaLone Sanchez        1885 / 1914


        Sophie Sanchez Miller 1904 / ?

                Lorraine Miller Ayala

                Sherley Miller Saraf


        Tressa Sanchez 1905 / ?


        Mary Sanchez Kenny          1909 / ?


        Adie Sanchez               1911 / ?

                Alison Sanchez



Louis LaLonde    1887  / 1946


        Addie LaLonde Martyns

                   Leonard Martyns

                        Lori Martyns Prestesater

                        Linda Martyns Murdock


          Bertha LaLonde

                   Vows in Religious Community 1950


          Louis LaLonde

                   Michelle LaLonde

                Caroline LaLonde

                Giselle LaLonde


Marjorie LaLonde Stoner

          Mark Stoner

        Peter Stoner