Lincoln County WPA Stories

These files are a part of the "Federal Writers' Project", a part of the WPA, 1936-1940. See the Introduction to the WPA interviews.
I have edited these documents somewhat, to make them read easier. The words are those of the writer or person interviewed. If you want to see the original go to the web site, ed.

Introduction to the WPAJose Apodoca
AJ BallardMrs. Sara Bonney
Nellie Henley BranumMrs. Anne Brazel (1)
Mrs. Anne Brazel (2)Josh Brent, Early Days in LC
George S. BrownMrs. Mary Burleson (1)
Mrs. Mary Burleson (2)Mrs. Mary Burleson (3)
Daniel CarabajalAmbrosio Chavez
Elerdo ChavezJoshua P. Church
Mrs. Amelia ChurchMrs. Florence Cravens
Mrs. Ella DavidsonLawrence H. Dow
Rufus H. DunnahooRumaldo Aguliar Duran
Sam FarmerFrancisco Gomez
Francisco TrujilloMrs. Sarah Hughes
William E. KimbrellJudge Frank H. Lea
Nellie LeahyElisha Leslie
Mrs. A.E. LesnettMrs. Annie Lesnett
Henry LutzCharles D. Mayer
Mrs. Ina MayerMrs. Mary Ellen McMillan
Abran MillerMrs. Lorencita Miranda
George MurrayMrs. Martial C. Phillips
John W. PoeMay Lee Queen
Nellie B. ReilyCharles C. Roberts and I
Mrs. Alice RobertsPedro M. Roderiguez
Charles RouarkMrs. Pinkie Skinner
Mollie Grove SmithBen Stimmel
Mrs. O.C. StoryJ.Y. Thornton
Mrs. Alice J. Van WinkleAlbert Zeigler