Salado Flats and Tucson Mountains, Capitan (Gray)

Including: Magado Creek, Vera Cruz Mt. and the lower slopes of Nogal Canyon; this area also extends historically down to Three Rivers on the west slope of the Sacramentos.

Thought and Observations

1877 U.S. Government Map By G.M. Wheeler, showing the roads of western Lincoln County as they existed then (this is a large file for downloading and viewing)

Salado Flats and Tucson Mountains A 246 page story of the area in the "Our Books" section (PDF) including the 1880 Census of Salado Flats (scroll down to 4c- Salado Flats and the Tucson Mountains)

The Saiz Ranch A brief story and the 1880 Census of that ranch

The history of Capitan is covered in a great book by Gary Cozzens:

"Capitan New Mexico: From the Coalora Coal Mines to Smokey the Bear" Available from , , or the Publisher . The book is also available from The Lincoln County Historical Society