Arabela/las Palas, Agua Azul, Arroyo Seco, Berrendo

Strike a north-south line through Sunset Peak (just east of Capitan Peak); the area to the east, from the open plain to the north down to the edge of the Hondo Valley and eastward to the Pecos, define this area; with the exception of the communities associated with Roswell (which has its own folder). Some thoughts on the settlements, in a upper and lower (sort of) progression:

Arroyo Seco, /las Palas/Arabela (Upper)

Aqua Azul (Bluewater)/Escondido (Upper)

1880 Census Arroyo Seco with notes

The Purcella Ranch and other Ranches (Lower), and Berrendo, a historical location

1885 Census Pct. 6, pgs 14&15 (looks like the East End of the Capitans)

Map of the East End

The Folks of the East End (coming someday)