Precict 4

The original freight road was from Ft. Fillmore on the Rio Grande through San Agustin Pass, and then northeast across the White Sands to Tularosa and finally Ft. Stanton. It was one of the first roads into Lincoln County; it was the primary road from Mesilla and the District Court to Lincoln and the county administration during the early years.

Before 1880, Tularosa and La Luz were split off and became a part of a reorginized Dona Ana County and then in 1899 they transformed again and including Tres Rios and Mescalero became a part of Otero County. By the time Otero County was formed, 30 years after the formation of Lincoln County the complexion of the area had changed, the people had changed and the Railroad was making its way up from El Paso. For our purposes we are going to look at this area as it was tied to Lincoln County in the early years.

We will take a look at a few things:

So Fork Observations

1880 So Fork Census With notes

Tularosa Observations

1880 Tularosa Census Dona Ana Co. With notes

La Luz Observations

1880 La Luz Census Dona Ana Co. With notes

La Luz I Remember by J.J. Gutierrez (PDF)

Tres Rios Observations

1885Tres Rios Census Lincoln Co.