Lower Ruidoso

San Patricio to Glencoe in the lower Rio Ruidoso Valley are distinctive from modern day Ruidoso. From Glencoe the valley opens from a hilly background to a nice agricultural area around San Patricio and then narrows down as it approaches the junction with the Rio Bonito.

In 1860 there was apparently only one farm in the valley, just above la Junta but by 1870 it was quite distinctive; it had its own Justice of the Peace and its own Constables to help keep order. The Village of San Patricio had small stores and cantinas, Glencoe followed suit a little later.

For those of you that are looking at baptisms of the area it might be noted that the locations given as San Patricio, Rio Ruidoso and Ruidoso generally indicate this area; San Isidro (San Ysidro) and Ruidoso/San Isidro and Glencoe refer to the area around those spots. Apparently the Priest wrote down whatever he related to, it's hard to tell when it was in the Chapel or at a nearby ranch. Also it is important to remember that the area we call Ruidoso now didn't exist by that name until after about 1900; before that it was referred to as Dowlin's Mill.

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