Lincoln and the Rio Bonito Valley was central to all of the goins on in our region; from the beginning in 1855 up through the end of the Century. Politics were centered there and until the railroads came, in the 1890s to Roswell and 1900 to Carrizozo, commerce was centered there.

The original settlers abandoned la Placita when the Civil War came to New Mexico in 1861 but by 1863 a whole new crowd (with a few exceptions) began to filter back; in the late 1860s the floodgates began to open and pilgrims flowed through, headed West with their families, possessions and cattle. Some stayed.

We will take a look at a few things:

A Tour of la Placita Valley

1880 Census Lincoln Town with notes

A Look at the Lincoln Post Office

Lincoln, the Center of Justice

Modern Map Locating Lincoln Town (JPG)

A reprise of some of the folks of Lincoln Town (coming someday)