Lincoln County Locales
Introduction to Lincoln County Locales

Lincoln and the Rio Bonito Valley la Placita

Upper Hondo la Junta or Junction, Hondo, Tinnie, the Casey Ranch, Picacho

Lower Hondo Missouri Plaza (Historical)

San Patricio to Glencoe the lower Rio Ruidoso Valley

Upper Ruidoso Dowlins Mill and the valleys feeding to the Ruidoso

South Fork, Blazers Mill & La Luz, Tularosa, Three Rivers Were all part of Lincoln County in 1870 known as Pct. 4. Blazer's Mill was So. Fork in 1880. Tularosa and La Luz became a part of Dona Ana County before 1880. Three Rivers was a part of Lincoln County 1885. They all became part of Otero County when it was formed in 1899.

Arabela/las Palas, Agua Azul, Arroyo Seco, Berrendo The east end of the Capitan Mountians down to the Pecos

Roswell-Seven Rivers Were Pct. 5 in 1880, the area around Seven Rivers became a part of Eddy County when it was formed in 1889. Roswell became a part of Chaves County when it was formed, also in 1889.

Rio Penasco-Hill Country The Upper Rio Penasco area and the hill country on the east side of the Sacramentos became a part of Otero County when it was formed in 1899; however the Lower Penasco was a part of Chaves County.

Ft. Stanton - Mescaleros

Nogal-Alto and up-country, Angus, Bonito

Salado Flats and Tucson Mountains, Capitan(Gray) Magado Creek, and the lower slopes of Nogal Canyon north to Vera Cruz Mountian; south along the west slope of the Sacramentos to Three Rivers

Ranches, north slope of the Capitans Spindle, Richardson, Las Tablas, Encinoso, Texas Park to Patos, Reventon

White Oaks/Jicarilla

Carrizozo and places along the Railroad (did not exist, except as ranchland before the Railroad era, about 1900)

Ancho, Corona