P.E. “Doc” Lacey and Fannie LaLone


By Rich Eastwood


          Lewis Lacey and Margaret White Lacey were early settlers near San Antonio, TX at a place called Locke Hill. Here a son, Peter Elijah Lacey, was born May 1, 1870. The Laceys ran a stagecoach stop and store on the Fredericksburg Road. Peter or “Doc” as he was called attended Bourne Academy until he was seventeen. He punched cattle with the rest of the boys, working herds to Kansas and Wyoming. The Laceys moved into San Antonio in 1890 and Peter worked in a Drug Store for several years.


        The Lacey Family trace their roots back to 1600’s Virginia, every generation or two moving further on, to the frontier. “Doc” was no different; sometime in the mid 1890’s “Doc” came to Lincoln County. He probably traveled from Texas with his cousins, the Tobe Lacey family. (They ended up in Douglas, AZ.) The Lincoln County area was familiar to the Laceys, one of “Doc’s” uncles, Asa Lacey and some other extended family members had ranched and tried their luck at mining in the 1880s and had returned to Texas; another Uncle, J.C. Lacey had settled in Texas Park near White Oaks. “Doc’s” sister Victoria Thompson later came to White Oaks with her children and provided for her family as a seamstress.


        Fannie LaLone was born to Tioflio Lalonde (Lalone) and ‘Lada Padilla Lalonde at their ranch on Magado Creek, Dec. 3, 1876. The Lalones were longtime ranchers and farmers in Lincoln County. They were part of the folks that came from the Manzano area and first settled at Missouri Plaza. The mid 1890’s found them in White Oaks and Fannie was working in the household of the man that was running the Old Abe Mine at the time of the fire in 1895.


        “Doc” and Fannie were married in White Oaks November 7, 1898. For their wedding night he had rented a room at Mrs. Gallagher’s, just as they were settling in there was a terrible ruckus outside, their friends were yellin’ and hollerin’ and banging pots and pans, so they had to get up and get dressed and let them in for a visit. “Doc” was cowboying for the Carrizozo Cattle Company down at the McDonald place, he moved Fannie there but she was terribly lonely. An oldtimer, Johnny Patton, was the cook there and Fanny would put on her gloves and go visit him. He took her under his wing, one day he commented that she didn’t have a ring, she said that they didn’t have the money; a short time later, Johnny bought a ring for her as a wedding present and she wore that ring for the rest of her life. Fannie wasn’t happy on the ranch so they move back to White Oaks and “Doc” got a job at the Old Abe Mine, where Fanny’s brother-in-law, Dave Tinnon, had become the foreman. “Doc” also worked in a saloon and some stores including Ziegler’s. Their first three daughters, Margie, Flo and Alma were born in White Oaks, Doctor Paden delivered Margie but Fanny didn’t like that; so a mid-wife, ‘Grandma’ Sandoval delivered the next few.


        In 1904 they moved to Carrizozo and “Doc” went to work for the railroad. Their daughter, Birda, was born that year while they lived in a tie house (made from railroad ties and canvas). She was the second child born Carrizozo, she was delivered by ‘Grandma’ Sandoval. Fredrick Hunt was the first Postmaster; in 1905 “Doc” succeeded him. In 1906, son Louis was born; the next year was hard, all the children had Scarlet Fever and Louis died. There was no cemetery to bury the baby in, so “Doc” donated the land where Evergreen Cemetery is now. “Doc” gave up his job as postmaster and in 1908 he went to work for the Parson Mining Company on the Bonita. By 1909 he had built a racetrack and baseball diamond (and later grandstands) in Carrizozo, for the community to use. Daughters, Lucille, Francis, June and a son, Herbert, were born in Carrizozo, delivered by Doctor Lucas. For quite a number of years “Doc” worked the roundup season at the Block Ranch as a cook; as well as clerk jobs around town.


        “Doc” was working for the Railroad again and in 1919, he got a transfer with the Railroad and family moved to El Paso so the older girls would have more opportunities. Margie went to business school and Flo and Alma went to work for the telephone company. After a few years, they were on the move again; another uncle and some cousins talked him into moving to Encinitas, CA, where they planned on raising potatoes, it didn’t work out.


Most of the family then moved to the Sierra Madre, CA area where Fannie’s sister Carrie and husband Julian Leal then lived. Fanny’s late sister Addie’s husband Joe Sanchez and her brothers, Fred LaLone and Luis LaLonde and their families had moved to that neighborhood as well. It was 1928; “Doc” got a job as the caretaker on an estate called “Mia Italia” in Sierra Madre. “Doc” died there in 1937, Fanny died in 1978, in nearby Pasadena, a month before her 102nd birthday.



        Margie Lacey Fredericks      1899 / 1997

        b. White Oaks

        m. Charles Fredrick in Calif.


        Flo Lacey Kerny 1900 / 1985

        b. White Oaks

        m. Ruben Cole in Calif.

        m. Mark Kerny in Calif.

                  Wanda’ Cole Stevens

                Jimmy Cole


        Alma Lacey Spargur   1903 / 1970

        b. White Oaks

        m. William Spargur in Calif.

                Billy’ Spargur                     


        Birda Lacey        1904 / 2004

        b. Carrizzo

        Never married, occupation, School Teacher


        Lucille “Cille” Lacey Waite   1909 / 2007       

        b. Carrizozo

        m. Paul Waite in Calif.        

                Jan Waite Bittner               

                Diane Waite Unfried                    

                Curt Waite


        Frannie Lacey Dawson        1912 / 1986

        b. Carrizozo

        m. Bob Dawson in El Paso   

                Carolyn Dawson Stillman


        June Lacey Eastwood          1916 / 1972

        b. Carrizozo

        m. Douglas Eastwood in Calif.

                Richard Eastwood       

                Sharon Eastwood Moore 1945 /1990

                Jean Eastwood Burns                  

                Pete Eastwood

                David Eastwood


        Herb Lacey         1918 / 1992

        b. Carrizozo

        m. Norma Wells in Calif.

                Cheryl Lacey Willey

                Janet Lacey Jacques

                Dawn Lacey Fiori