Some History of Lincoln County

Most of this section will be generated by the Editor, I'll try and keep the different pieces informative and not so long that they'll put you to sleep. Other offerings are selected to give a solid background of the era. For you that are tired of Billy the Kid and all the endless stuff about him, I can assure you that you won't find much here. However my personal favorite on the subject, is the book: "The West of Billy the Kid" by Frederick Nolan. He gives excellent background on many of the citizens of Lincoln County.

    The Beginnings

    The First Settlers

    Wagon Roads, the Highways to Lincoln County

    A Journey to Ft. Stanton

    (Link to A Military Expedition to NM)

    The Civil War comes

    Ft. Stanton 1862-1865

    (Link to Confederate Arizona)

    (Link to California Column)

    The Reoccupation of Lincoln County 1862-1870ish

    The Families of Manzano

    1870 Census Observations

    Troubled Times 1870ish to 1885ish

    1880 Census Observations

    Miners and Gold

    Ranches and Railroads