Scurlock, Doc and Antonia Herrera*

Ref. 1876, SLCC


Josiah Gordon “Doc” Scurlock                                   

Son of Presley N. Scurlock

Born 11 Jan 1849 in Tallapoosa Co. AL                          

Died 29 Jul 1929 in Eastland, TX          


María ‘Antonia’ Miguela Herrera Married, 19 Oct 1876 in Lincoln



        Daughter of Fernando Herrera and María Juliana Martinez 

        Born 7 May 1860 in Santa Cruz de la Cañada, Santa Fe Co.

        Died 27 Nov 1912 in Acton, TX



Notes: See Frederick Nolan’s book: The West of Billy the Kid for more information on ‘Doc’ Scurlock


Children of ‘Doc’ and Antonia:


María Elena Scurlock b. 19 Aug 1877 in Ruidoso, NM


Viola Inez Scurlock b. 13 Aug 1878 in Lincoln, Lincoln Co.       


Josiah Gordon Scurlock Jr. b. 11 Oct 1879 in Ft. Sumner, NM


John Josiah Scurlock b. 21 May 1881 on the Rua Ranch, Oldham Co. TX


Amy Antonia Scurlock b. 14 Jul 1884 in Wilbarger Co. TX


Martha Ethlinda Scurlock b. 10 May 1886 in Wilbarger Co. TX


Presley Fernando Scurlock b. 27 Aug 1888 in Wilbarger Co. TX


Delores Scurlock 10 Mar 1891 in Wilbarger Co. TX


William Andrés Scurlock b. 14 Apr 1893 in Wilbarger Co. TX


Josephine Gladys Scurlock b. Aug 1893 in Johnson Co. TX



*RootsWeb- Gill, Sanchez, Torres, Mata –Theresa Torres Mata




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