Giron, Amado and Abelina Zamora

Ref. 1908, SLCC, Mod. 1-2010


Amado Girón                                                

Son of Ventura Girón and Concepción Duran





Abelina Zamora Married, 18 Jan 1908 at the Capilla de San Isidro in Capitan*

Padrinos, Victoriano Artiaga and Dolores Padilla




        Daughter of Ysidro Zamora and Bonifacia Padilla





Children of Amado and Abelina:

(This is not necessarily a complete list of children)


Paz Girón b. 13 August 1909**

Bapt. 18 September 1909 at Capitan 

Godparents Julian Cerna and Juliana Padilla 

(Priest’s note: Paz m. Aneda Sanchez dau. of Antonio Sanchez and Emiliana Lucero of Arabela 29 October 1937)


Elvira Girón b. 3 January 1911**

Bapt. 27 March 1911 at Capitan 

Godparents Jose Archuleta


Luis Girón b. 10 April 1912** 

Bapt. 16 May 1912 at Capitan 

Godparents Gregorio Herrera and Delfida Giron


Bautista Girón b. 24 June 1913** 

Bapt. 14 September 1913 at Capitan 

Godparents Isabel Peralta and Ramona Padilla


Antonio Girón b. 20 July 1915** 

Bapt. 14 August 1915 at Capitan

 Godparents Meregildo Padilla and Juanita


Juan Girón b. 28 September 1916**

Bapt. 12 November 1916 at Capitan

Godparents Felix Gonzales and Catarina Peralta

(Priest’s note: Juan m. Natividad Verdugo 24 August 1942)



*From the Santa Rita Church, Lincoln Co. Marriages 1869-1910 by the HGRC


** Santa Rita Catholic Church, Carrizozo New Mexico – Baptismal Records and Marriage Records

Martha Sanchez-Wilson (Researcher)



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