Some Families, Lincoln County Cousins
Notes on "Our Genealogy (Link)"

Kathryn Peralta, who was raised in Lincoln County, once commented to me "It is said, that everybody in Lincoln County is a cousin." As I have been looking stuff over I think the there is a lot of truth in that statement and this effort is to illustrate that notion, ed.

"Our Genealogy" is a stand alone program, a part of "A Family of the West" web site, of which this web site is also a component. It consists of "Spring Creek Cousins" and "Lincoln County Cousins" (just to confuse you) but it is a single database.

This collection is not based on a single family tree! It was started with the editor's family information and has grown into what we hope, someday will become a comprehensive look at the early Lincoln County community.

Guidelines for the genealogical information found in "Our Genealogy (Link)":

This project covers three or four generations (or so) of Lincoln County, NM residents; including the period from the beginning (1850s) to those of the generation born in the 1920s (or so, depending).
To keep this from being to unwieldy we are not going to neccesarily include the children of the last generation since that should be our parents or grandparents, those people in our memory.
The ancestors of the founders will be limited to one or two generations. (Maybe more if you submit something of interest.) The siblings of the first generation that did not come to Lincoln County might not be expanded on as well.

Important item! This database also includes families and people to whom no known relationship exists. These are taken from Baptismal Records, the US Census and other places. It is hoped that someday they maybe connected to other families, but none the less, they were a part of the Lincoln County experience.

Notes on spelling of names:

Spelling of family names is somewhat difficult at best. The Spanish (and some Anglo) surnames are often spelled differently in different documents (some in the same document). We found a list of Spanish surnames that were gathered from Colonial era, ships passenger manifests; that is our basis. Also we have grouped names together that have different spellings but sound the same; most of the decisions were arbitrary. Please do not be offended by our choices. Analla/Anaya, Cereceres, Chavez(Chaves) & and Sanchez(Sanches) for indexing, Cisneros/Sisneros, Cordova/Cordoba, Gonzales was the most common, Guevara for indexing, Maldonado/Baldonado, Montoya/Montolla, Sedillo/Cedillo, Ulibarri for Olivari, Olivares; and a bunch of other spellings. We hope we didn't disappoint anyone!

If you have your information in a genealogy program, if you're willing, please send us a Gedcom file or FTM file of the generations that apply; also stories and pictures.

A further note for you that have been paying attention: There formerly was a section titled "Some Families" that section has been replaced by "Our Genealogy" but it will still show up in some searches.