Purpose-About Lincoln County Cousins


This site is a collection of information gathered from a great variety of people and places. The genealogy and data we have endeavored to report accurately with sources (somewhere). Our genealogical data is far from complete. Any additions or corrections would be greatly appreciated. My grand parents had roots that represent the early folks appropriately. My grandmotherís family was from the Manzano area of New Mexico; my grandfather was from Texas and started out as a cowboy.


We would like to hear from you and get your part of the story so that we may all have a better understanding of the early days. richeastwood@hotmail.com


Some things that might need some explaining:


††††††† New Mexicans:

††††††† I like the term Hispanos, it differentiates the people of New Mexico from other Latino or Hispanic groups.

††††††† Indians; The Mescalero Apaches were historically found in the Lincoln Co. area.

††††††† Anglos; This group needs a little definition: The first of which is that, it doesnít mean Anglos as in England, rather European Americans. This group consists of Texans and Yankees or Easterners. The folks that came thru Texas had a different disposition and history than other Anglos.


††††††† The Scene:

††††††† The scope of this project is to cover the period from the mid 1850s to around 1910 or so. The emphasis is on the not so famous or infamous people of Lincoln County, which in its early days included the Tularosa area and eastward to the Pecos Valley. The 1900-1920s generation should be our parents or grandparents, and in our memories, this site is to help us figure out what came before.


††††††† An explanation:

††††††† When I started this project, I started with my family just like everybody else. This led me to discover my Manzano roots; then I discovered that the Manzano folks were a significant factor in the early years of Lincoln County.

††††††† Therefore I have approached this story from the beginning, so you may find more detail on the first couple of generations of what we now know as Lincoln County and not as much detail on the last couple. This, of course, means that the places and people of Early Chavez and Otero Counties, that were once a part of Lincoln, have been a bit neglected. Maybe Iíll get back to them or better yet maybe youíll do it.


Rich Eastwood, editor.