Things you really ought to know


By Rich Eastwood, editor


Most important thing: This is for fun, if anything is not to your liking, let’s work it out.


Thing 1- The folder ‘Our Genealogy (Link) is a collection we worked up from various sources. Please feel free to ask us to modify or add to any information that you think needs attention. The qualifications for families to be included in that section are that they have some relationship to early Lincoln County, that is, 1850 through the 1910ish generations. If you would like to post more of your family history we can do that in Beyond Lincoln County, either ancestors or descendants or both.


Thing 2- Don’t forget this is a dynamic collection, we are always working on it and changing it around. The folder system is pretty well worked out and we won’t change that except for an extreme reason.


Thing 3- Here’s a list of the alphabet soup that you might find in various places like the ends of file names.


SLCC- Some LC Cousins, these files have been entered in the Gedcom data base.

Nlcc- Not entered in the Gedcom file.    

ELB- The Elton Lacey Book “The William Lacy and Elliot Lacy Families” by Hubert Wesley Lacey and Howard Elton Lacey [The Blue Book]

LWA- Lucille Lacey Waite’s Picture Album

P&BG- Information and pictures from Pat and Buddy Guevara and Charles Hayes

JFC- LaLone Stuff from Jeff Finley

DLC- J.C. Lacey Stuff from Darral Lawson

JMA- The McDonald Family work done by Joyce McDonald Anderwald, courtesy of Thelma Ann Gonzales

TGC- Bits and pieces from Thelma Ann Gonzales

KRC- Bits and pieces from Karen Farr Roper

RDE- Stuff I have or documents I’ve generated

MEC- Vega stuff from Mike English

ALCF- A Lincoln County friend donated a copy of this picture collection

DLL- Dorothy Landoll (Lacey) stuff

MHC- Marilyn Higgins Collection

SLC- Sharon Lacey Collection

YYC- Yvette Ybarra Collection