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This Web Site is dedicated to the people and families of early Lincoln County, NM. The period we focus on is the beginning, 1855, to 1910ish and the generations and events of that era.

Please enjoy your visit with us! If you are a descendant of some of the folks that made up Lincoln County please join the Cousins (follow the link below), if you are just interested in the history have fun looking around. Join if you like!

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The "Locales of Lincoln Co."  is a work in progress. Last Updated: Feb 2015

A new feature! Check out our new Photo Albums thingy! If you would like to submit something for our albums e-mail them to: photos@lincolncountycousins.org

Current Genealogical Info: If you are interested, I have a way for you to look into my hard drive. My stuff is on Microsoft OneDrive. Send me a personal e-mail, richeastwood@hotmail.com, and state your interest in Lincoln County; I will send you a link to my OneDrive account. You may have to register to access OneDrive, but I don't think it is too painful. Remember, this is an active bunch of stuff; it is always changing, I work on it all the time.

If you haven't read the section in the left column About "Our Genealogy" it would be a good idea; it clarifies some of my thinking. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. ~Rich~

Historic Lincoln NM
A Book about Early Lincoln, The buildings and People 1855-1912
at Amazon.com (Then click: Open content in a new window)

Nuestras Madres
A Book about Early Lincoln County
at Amazon.com (Then click: Open content in a new window)

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